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Give your little ones the gift of a perfect smile with children's braces in Allison Park & Pleasant Hills, PA. Over our more than 20 years in business, Cyterski Orthodontics has created countless happy smiles for children and their parents in Pittsburgh, Allison Park, Pleasant Hills, Shaler, and Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area. In fact, our orthodontist has two convenient locations for treatment, one of them is sure to be close to your home, your children's school, or your work location. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for children's braces.

Kid’s Braces: Treatment from Caring Professionals

Our staff excels in working with children. We are patient and willing to take the time to allay their fears and answer their questions about braces for children. We are sympathetic to their concerns. We offer welcoming and comfortable treatment rooms. Trust us to take the time that is necessary to see that your kid know how to handle their orthodontics, and to clean and floss their teeth with braces. Talk to our staff about making braces for kids affordable with payment plans.

Options in Braces for Children

We use different types of braces for children depending on your kid's age and dental needs. Many children require only braces with wires and rubber bands to straighten their teeth. Other options include metal, clear, and tooth-colored ceramic brackets. Teens may prefer clear aligners, such as Invisalign. Headgear and other appliances may be necessary and our orthodontist may recommend that your child have a tooth or two taken out to make more room for his or her adult teeth.

Kid's Braces in Allison Park & Pleasant Hills, PA

Braces for Kids Age 7 & Older

Children age 7 and older make good candidates for braces as by this age their adult teeth are beginning to come in. This allows our orthodontist to see if there are any problems or concerns, and recommend treatment for overcrowding teeth or a misaligned bite. However, it is not harmful for children older than 7 and millions of teens wear braces. It is just that the treatment plan and hardware differs for various age groups. Schedule an appointment for a consultation today to see if your child requires orthodontics.

Contact us today to place children's braces on your son or daughter to ensure they have an attractive smile when they grow up. We proudly serve patients in Pittsburgh, Allison Park, Pleasant Hills, Shaler, and Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area.