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It is the mission of our orthodontist to improve the smiles of children, teenagers, and adults with braces in Allison Park & Pleasant Hills, PA. After seeing the results, you will agree that braces are a sound investment in your dental health and overall appearance. These days, there are a number of options to straighten your teeth, and all are vast improvements over the orthodontics of the past. Cyterski Orthodontics has been creating gorgeous smiles for more than 20 years in patients from Pittsburgh, Allison Park, Pleasant Hills, Shaler, and Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area. Contact us today to have a board-certified orthodontist place dental braces on your teeth or those of your children.

Braces: How Orthodontia Works

Straighten your teeth and correct your bite with teeth braces. This tried-and-true method of dental treatment produces dramatic results. After drawing up a treatment plan, our orthodontist places braces on your teeth. These consist of tiny brackets of steel, ceramic, or resin that are bonded to the front of each tooth. Anchoring the brackets to the teeth are bands of steel, or clear or tooth-colored materials. Springs, ties, and spacers, are a part of your braces, and we might ask you to wear facial headgear.

Braces for teeth work with gentle and consistent pressure. These come from rubber brands that are attached to brackets on the upper and lower teeth. The pressure between the upper and lower teeth is what moves those teeth into perfect alignment.

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Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Teeth Braces

The benefits of braces include cosmetic considerations, as well as improved dental health. Straight teeth are the foundation of a beautiful smile; however, braces affect your appearance in other ways, too. Teeth braces help align your jaw, which also makes you look more attractive. The health benefits of braces cannot be overestimated. Crooked and crowded teeth serve as impediments to brushing and flossing, and lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Teeth that are out of line make it harder to chew, and place undue wear and tear on other teeth.

Wear Braces for Your Teeth for 1–3 Years

It generally takes from one to three years to straighten your teeth with orthodontia. During that time, you will visit the orthodontist once a month to check on progress and to tighten the bands. At the end of that time, we remove the braces and you will see a smile filled with beautiful, straight teeth.

Contact us today for braces that give you or your children a perfect smile. We proudly serve patients from Pittsburgh, Allison Park, Pleasant Hills, Shaler, and Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area.