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There is no doubt about it: Straight teeth present a more attractive and professional appearance. To enhance your looks and further your career, choose adult braces in Allison Park & Pleasant Hills, PA. Cyterski Orthodontics considers the special needs and concerns of professionals when recommending braces for adults. Our board-certified orthodontist and his team of professionals offer you the benefit of more than 20 years of experience in this specialty. We provide braces for patients from Pittsburgh, Allison Park, Pleasant Hills, Shaler, and Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for adult braces.

Adult Braces in Allison Park & Pleasant Hills, PA

Increasing Demand in Braces for Adults

When you come into our comfortable and welcoming office, you will see others who are also interested in having a more beautiful smile, courtesy of our adult orthodontics. Over our years in business, we have helped countless grownups to smile with confidence. Let us help you, too.

Technology Has Improved Adult Braces

The braces of today are not the braces you remember from junior high school. Modern orthodontics includes braces made of ceramic or plastic, as well as metal. In addition, they are much smaller and the design is more effective. There are removable braces in addition to long-term ones with brackets, and the wires are more flexible. This results in more options, greater comfort, and reduced time to achieve perfect teeth. Schedule an appointment for a consultation with our orthodontist to discuss your options and your wishes. We can talk about affordable payment options at this time, too.

Options for Adult Orthodontics

Our older patients are greatly concerned about their appearances when it comes to braces. They do not want to look like a child or a teen, yet they do want straight teeth. These days, there are a number of options, from Invisalign clear braces to ceramic brackets to traditional metal. During an initial consultation, we present you with data to make an informed decision and offer you the recommendation of our board-certified orthodontist.

Follow Orthodontist’s Plan & Reduce Treatment Time

Generally, you can expect to wear braces for one to three years. However, there are a number of considerations to discuss with our orthodontist about your situation. One factor that reduces the time is taking care of your braces and your teeth, adhering to appointments, and following recommendations from our dental professionals. This equates to reduced wearing time with dramatic results.

Contact us today to make an investment in your appearance and self-confidence with adult braces. We proudly serve patients in Pittsburgh, Allison Park, Pleasant Hills, Shaler, and Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area.